To provide excellence in teaching and learning, and produce professionally trained economics teachers with teaching competencies as well as values.



To realize the mission, the department has the following objectives:

  1. To impart quality teacher training to the teacher trainees.
  2. To develop values of a good teacher, good human being and a patriotism.
  3. To arrange programs for the all round development of personality of the teacher trainees.
  4. To stimulate social and national integration
  1. To customized training so as to meet the changing needs of business world
  1. To encourage entrepreneurship and job creation

The Department of Economic Sciences offers two levels of study programs:

  • The First Cycle, leading the award of DIPET I, and
  • The Second Cycle leading to the award of DIPET II.



The first cycle has a duration of 3 years (6 semesters), while the second cycle has a duration of two years (4 semesters).


1.      First Cycle

Candidates must be holders of GCE A/L in at least two subjects including Economics (excluding Religious Knowledge) and a Pass in at least O/L Mathematics.


  1. Second Cycle

Candidates must hold a BSc in Economics/Management/Marketing.




The following abbreviations appear on the structures of the programs:

CV:     Credit value                L:        Lecture hours             T:        Tutorials;

P:        Practicals


Courses are structured into Teaching Units which may include:

  • Core Courses (C)
  • Required Courses (R)
  • Transversal Courses (Tv)
  • University Courses (U)


Language of Instruction: The language of instruction is exclusively ENGLISH.


N/B: One credit value is equivalent to 15 hours.

The First Cycle has a total credit value of at least 180 distributed as follows:

  • Level 1: 60
  • Level II 60
  • Level III 60


The Second Cycle has a total credit value of at least 120 distributed as follows:

  • Level 1: 60
  • Level II 60


A semester is equivalent to at least 16 weeks of effective studies.