1) Mission statement of the department

The computer science department of the H.T.T.T.C. Bambili, University of Bamenda is committed to the training of computer science teachers who are competent in their professional field and capable of teaching in Cameroon secondary education using the ministry of secondary education syllabuses. As such, our students should be able to:

  • Think critically and strategically to solve education problems in their area of expertise; taking into consideration the student based competence approach.
  • Upgrade rapidly their knowledge, skills and attitude in a changing and challenging environment.
  • Assemble knowledge from different sources presented in varied perspectives;
  • Appraise education systems in various contexts
  • Exchange teaching techniques
  • Adapt from theoretical to practical
  • Master fundamental basis of computing;
  • Transfer it skills to students

At the end of each cycle, computer science teachers should be able to

  • Integrate technology into teaching profession
  • Plan, deliver ,and evaluate lessons in computer science and related subjects in secondary and high schools
  • Work in teams to improve and share teaching skills in schools
  • Integrate the community(respecting regulations governing the profession)
  • Act as information technology solution providers.


2) Brief respect on professional orientation of the departmental

Computer science department has two options:

  1. Fundamental Computer Science(FCS) first and second cycle
  2. Information and Communication Technology(ICT), 2nd cycle


  1. Vision of the Computer Sciences Department

The Fundamental Computer Science students will be more trained on programming, database Management, Principles of Computer Science, Numerical computation, microcontrollers and Pic Programming, and Networking, while Information and communication technology students will be specialized on E-learning, web programming, database Management, Information theory, Networking.

It makes no doubt that microcontrollers are becoming very present in the realization of industrial equipments. Therefore, our vision and orientation is to be a renown excellent technological point for the development of microcontrollers based-applications. In this light, applications designed will go a long way in concluding partnerships with industrial enterprises. Such activities will be of great importance in generating incomes for the school.