Information Management & Communication


The DIPET I and II Teacher of Information Management and Communication Option is at the same time a secretary and a teacher. He/she is therefore called to teach in the First and Second Cycles of a technical college.

The intervention of the DIPET I and II Teacher of Information Management and Communication is situated essentially at the level of communication, organisation, documentation, processing of information and pedagogy.

As a secretarial teacher, his/her action is determinant of the efficiency in applying pedagogic methods in imparting knowledge on the students.



After obtaining the DIPET I or II certificate, the Teacher of Information Management and Communication is expected to teach in the department of Office Automation in the first cycle or Action and Administrative Communication in the second   cycle of Secondary Education.

He/she intervenes to teach subjects such as (Organization of Administrative Work, Professional Correspondence, note-taking, word processing, etc…). In addition, he/she integrates him/herself in the global functioning of the department and participates in the life-wire of the school.

The DIPET I and II Teacher of Information Management and Communication who is a beginner, depending on his capacity to adopt to evolution, can rapidly move into the hierarchy and become the head of department or hold any other post of responsibility within the administration of the school.


General and Professional Competences

  • A good level of general knowledge, together with the mastery of oral and written expressions in English is indispensable for DIPET I and II Teacher of Information Management and Communication.
  • He/she must practically use the pedagogic methods in the training schools and demonstrate with ease communication in the professional domain; use the principles and pedagogic methods properly, together with principles of organization and administrative methods.
  • He/she must master basic secretarial techniques and office automation tools.



The objective of the program is to make sure lecturers of the H.T.T.T.C. follow the right approach of preparing would-be teachers who will intend adequately prepare young Cameroonians for the job market. Therefore the student-teacher is expected to:

  1. Master the course content of the various professional courses,
  2. Prepare adequate lesson notes pertaining to these courses,
  • Teach these courses using the right pedagogic approach
  1. Evaluate the level of the students.

The success behind this is by the use of the CBA (Competence -Based Approach) which include one of the landmarks of the reform of Technical Teacher Training Education. This is based on the development of competences, the resolution of professional problem situations and the diagnostic, formative, criterion-referenced and integration evaluation.

The CBA method of teaching is essential for technical colleges in that the teacher creates awareness to the students which is the theoretical part of the lesson then, the students prove their abilities or skills acquired by practically producing the physical object.