Service for Training and Internship



The Service for Training and Internship is one of the two services of the Division of Training and Orientation of the Higher Technical Teacher Training College of the University of Bamenda.



Cameroon vision 2035 articulates an emerging economy in which all citizens will have embraced technology, entrepreneurship, professionalization, be able to compete favourably in a borderless world in all aspects of life. The University of Bamenda has endorsed this vision and is focusing education and training towards achieving the goals of the Vision. In this regard, the vision of the Service for Training and Internship is to project HTTTC Bambili as the leading school for research, development and producing professionally trained teachers with teaching competencies and with special focus on technical education.



The Higher Technical Teacher Training College of the University of Bamenda has the responsibility of training quality teachers in technical specializations for secondary schools in Cameroon. In this regard, the mission of the service of Training and Internship is to follow up and ensure a training environment that provides quality professional development of the teacher particularly in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.



To realize the vision and mission stated above the service for Training and Internship has the following objectives:

  1. To ensure pedagogic and professional development of the future educators.
  2. To monitor and ensure that the training programmes and quality of training at HTTTC are in line with the mission and vision of HTTTC and that of the University of Bamenda.
  3. To ensure that future educators acquire knowledge and training of latest technology for teaching.
  4. To ensure that students undergo a four weeks internship training in an enterprise or institution of their field of study so as to blend theory acquired from course work in school with the exigencies of the industry,
  5. To ensure that student are put on teaching practice observation for a period of four weeks in schools where they are under the mentorship of a qualified teacher of their discipline, for the purpose of exposing them to lesson preparation and classroom management,
  6. To ensure students undergo a twelve weeks teaching practice exercise under the supervision of HTTTC lecturer and a cooperating teacher in suitable school.



The activities of the service, apart from other assignments from the Director and hierarchy, include,

  1. Following up and reporting on the quality of training of students both in content and pedagogic dispositions,
  2. Designing guidelines for internship and teaching practice reports,
  3. Contacting enterprises and institutions for student internship placements,
  4. Receiving and classifying internship and teaching practice reports from students,
  5. Contacting schools for teaching practice placements,
  6. Preparing the list of student teachers for teaching practice according to the various specialties,
  7. Preparing and coordinating internal training seminars for pedagogic and professional dispositions,
  8. Making visitations to teaching practice sites to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the Teaching Practice.
  9. Designing and producing documents for teaching practice and pedagogic examinations,
  10. Preparing lists of supervisors for teaching practice and pedagogic examinations
  11. Receiving and classifying Internship and Teaching Practice Evaluations from Cooperating Teachers,
  12. Receiving and classifying Pedagogic Evaluations of students from Inspectors,
  13. Carrying out other activities and assignments from the Director and hierarchy.


Dr. Mathew A. Akoko

Head of Services for Training and Internship