Service for Orientation



The Service for Orientation of the Higher Technical Teacher Training College of The University of Bamenda is one of the two services of the Division of training and orientation. Due to the importance of guidance and counseling for the students, Orientation is a necessary condition for the achievement of better results.


A strong foundation in Higher Technical Education is essential for the achievement of our national aspirations of an emerging country in 2035. The University of Bamenda has the vision to be a leading national institution of higher learning geared towards meeting present and future development challenges through efficient teaching, research and sterling innovation. In this regards, the vision of the Service for Orientation is to contribute to the success of students by identifying the difficulties they encounter, and guiding them in the search and identification of solutions to these difficulties.



The Service for Orientation of the Higher Technical Teacher training College of The University of Bamenda is part of the observatory for the functioning of the training system. It shall then be called upon to play the role of facilitator as concerns the choices of training to be made by students, depending on the opportunities offered by the school, as well as the respective aspirations of each of these students. The chart of the missions of the Service for Orientation includes:


-Assistance in adapting to the school environment

-Academic and vocational guidance

-Applied research



To realize the vision and the mission statements expressed above, the Service for Orientation has the following objectives:

  • Inform the students and the public on the levels, fields of study and training opportunities at HTTTC;
  • Participate, with the aim of attaining the above-mentioned objective, in the examination of pre-registration and registration files in the various departments of the HTTTC;
  • Assist students in making their choices of training, taking into account at the same time their perspective aspirations and interests, the academic requirements of each training and the current socio-economic realities;
  • Have psychological investigative discussions aimed at identifying and solving cases of inadaptation to the university milieu and difficulties in learning;
  • Draw up statistics on registration in order to identify the trends from a counseling point of view and inform the school authorities about them;
  • Analyze the end of semester academic results of each Department of HTTTC, in order to make observations that can improve the internal and external output of the training system;
  • Describe periodically, the daily psycho-social environment of the HTTTC, with the aim of better clarifying the decisions of the school authorities;
  • Conceive and make, together with the competent officials, counseling brochures and various leaflets and other documents with information on the HTTTC.



To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the activities to be carried out by the Service for Orientation include the reception of old and new students, interview and counseling and information campaigns.

  1. Reception

Reception concerns new and old students, parents and other partners of the HTTTC. Pre-admission guidance needs to be imparted to help the students make educational plans consistent with their abilities, interests and goals. Post-admission guidance needs to be imparted to enable students to succeed in their academic plans. They need to be guided for developing good study habits, prepare for examinations properly and face examinations with confidence.

  1. Interview and counseling

Interviews are carried out to give personal of collective advice. This helps both parents and students in their academic and professional choices in relation to the training programme. Workshops covering several areas of preoccupation of students should be organized.

  1. Information campaigns

Information campaigns should have as main targets secondary schools students as well as university students. These activities of information and sensitization on academic and vocational counseling could be developed in reference to three main methods: “Open House Week”, “Student Salon”, and “Academic and Vocational Counseling Week”.

  • The “Open House Week” shall aim at arousing public interest and ensuring an extensive information of students and their parents on the importance and impact of the choice of field of training, and on the set of opportunities offered by the HTTTC. It should be organized during the second semester of the academic year, in all the regional Head quaters. Guidance counselors working in establishments under the MINESEC shall be closely associated in the conception and running of these activities.
  • The “Student Salon” could be conceived and organized as a privileged meeting place for the training milieu and economic operators. Such an occasion will be a forum for information exchanges for a better understanding of the socio-economic realities of our country in view of making our training system more productive and more adapted to its environment.
  • The “Academic and Vocational Counseling Week” should hold on HTTTC campus during the interval between pre-registration and registration, in order to make timely choices of fields of studies. It shall target prospective university students to largely inform them about training opportunities offered by HTTTC in line with their background knowledge and their aspirations.


                                                                             The Head of Service for orientation

                                                                             Dr MOTCHONGOM TINGUE Marceline