1. VISION:

To be one of the leading Technological College Libraries in Africa

providing up to date services necessary for professional transformation and global impact.



The main mission of the College Library is to provide services that will compliment and supplement those of the Central   Library of The University of Bamenda with regards to the learning, teaching and research process and specific needs of its students and staff as well as those of other institutions and organizations with which the College has a formal working relationship. In this respect, the HTTTC library additionally aims at supporting excellence and innovation in technological education and research, managing and delivering information, and partnering to develop and disseminate new scholarship.


The objectives of the College Library includes:

  1. a) Provision of materials (information resources) in support of the specific learning process i.e. materials for students ‘class work, assigned reading as well as independent reading. These information resources target the students’ course work and will include books, periodicals, internet and reprographic services etc;
  1. b) Provision of materials needed by department members in their specialist areas to meet their teaching requirements and needs;
  2. c) Provision of materials and services to meet the research needs of department members and research students (postgraduate);
  3. d) Provisions of materials and services for the life-long learning process with a bias to technical education;
  4. e) Provision of networking facilities using the new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with the view to facilitating access to distant Libraries and Documentation Centers.


In consonance with the above, a draft outline of the Organizational Structure and activities of various structural components of the library is presented as follows:

   3.1   OUTLINE OF STRUCTURE:         

The College Library shall in the main, consist of the following .

  1. Administrative and archival division
  2. Books and documentation division
  3. Material acquisition division
  4. ICT/ Readers and Serials division
  5. Reprographic division.



This Division shall be made up of two services:

  1. a) An Administrative Service consisting of a Secretariat, a personnel,

a cleaning and a security section.

  1. b) Archives Service: HTTTC Archives and Library Archives service.


This Division shall be made up of the following Services:

  1. a) Classification and Cataloguing Service;
  2. b) Book processing Service.
  3. c) Catalogue maintenance Service;
  4. d) Bibliographic Service.
  5. e) Reprography Service


MAD shall be made up of four services namely:

  1. a) Book Selection and Acquisition Service;
  2. b) Exhibitions and Book fairs Service;
  3. c) Warehouse Service;
  4. d) Book Repairs and Bindery Service


This division consists of the following services:

(a) ICT Systems service;

(b) Circulation (Readers) service;

(c) Serials service.


  1. Administrative Staff of College Library:

The staff of the Administrative and archival Division of the library shall be responsible for such duties as

–           drafting of correspondences both internal and

external for the Liberian (s) signature including (memos, letters, notices


–           Compiling bibliographic information and other lists as assigned;

–           Compiling service statistics;

–           Taking down minutes of all meetings held in the service and outside

relating to the library

–           Ensuring general staff discipline, effective presence at work,

punctuality, assiduity and submit periodic reports on these issues;

–           Assist in organizing an effective filing system for the Library:

–           Assist in semi- professional duties (Indexing and abstracting and

bibliographic compilations)

–           Act as team leaders in-group assignments;

–           Assist in personnel management especially in the area of staff


–           Perform other Library duties as Assigned.

These duties shall be assigned to specifically designated posts within the Division


Job descriptions for various services and units in the Book and documentation division, Material acquisition division and ICT/ Readers / Serial division.

 The activities within the above mentioned Division are usually performed behind the scenes. The work here usually involves little or no direct contact with the library’s users under the coordination of a Head of Service. Book and Documentation Division and Material Acquisition Division are usually considered to be the operations involved in acquiring the library’s materials and processing them for use. The major areas of Technical services of this division are acquisition, cataloguing, classification; reprography and conservation. Technical services also include the physical preparation of materials for shelving and often the related routine of book repairs.

Since Material acquisition services need not be limited by type of material, they usually included the ordering, receiving and cataloging of audiovisual materials, books and other non-book materials. It is for this reasons that the Book and Documentation Division and the Material Acquisition Division are usually very large with many services and units as can be seen in its job description below:

  1. Cataloging and classification services

(a) Cataloging

–           Supervises the cataloging of all library materials;

–           Does first and second level cataloging;

–           Compiles cataloging information for clerical entry and preparation of card and electronic catalog.

(b) Classification

–           Selects and assigns class numbers and descriptive headings to information resources;

–           Searches information sources e.g. reviews, encyclopedias and technical publications to locate classification of information resources

–           Copies classification numbers on library materials;

–           Determine with the help of Department members resources for core, required and general reading;

–           Other duties as assigned.

(c) Subject area unit

–           Here subject librarians are expected to input their professional skills;

–           Sort various materials according to subject areas;

–           Sort subject information for department;

–           Compile thesaurus of subject Headings especially for Cameroon Collection;

–           Other duties as assigned.


(d) Abstracting and Indexing

–           Liaises with the serials Librarian for the indexing of thesis/dissertations, newspapers, periodicals core text collection and reference resources;

–           Production of cardex;

–           Production of abstracts of information resources as required by the service;

–           Producing bibliographic information where necessary;

–           Other duties as assigned.



The activies and duties of personnel within this division shall include the following:

(a). Book selection and acquisition

–           Direct technical processes connected with purchase of books, periodicals

and other information resources;

–           Participate in selection of information resources with the department;

–           Reviews publishers’ catalogs and compiles lists recommended for

purchases including resources for distance Education as required;

–           Compares selected lists with the library catalog to avoid duplication;

–           Proposes vendors or suppliers of information resources;

–           Compiles statistics on purchases and prepares necessary reports;

–           Supervises clerical work concerned with ordering and receiving library information resources;

–           Clears, receives, and checks information resources against packing lists;

–           Gives necessary information regarding acquired information resources to department;

–           ETC.

(b). Book repairs

–           liaises with the circulations service to withdraw damaged books from circulations

–           Compiles list of damaged books according to subject.

–           Withdraws slips or typed catalogue cards of damaged books from trays until repairs are effected.

–           Replace the withdrawn slips and cards after repairs.

–           Makes lists of beyond repairs books and forwards to the acquisition unit for possible purchase and replacement.

–           Other duties as shall be assigned.



The division comprises:


The ICT service is charged with the acquisition, and making accessible electronic media and online resources to library staff and users. It is also charged with the maintenance of the library electronic systems.

Services include:

  1. Library Internet access management searches/download/print
  2. Online searches
  3. Electronic resources acquisition and management
  4. Maintenance of computer and electronic equipment
  5. Library automation and Management Information Systems
  6. Development and Management of the library website.


The reader service is charged with;

  1. i) Charging unit

–           Charging and discharging of information resources.

–           Establishment of book borrowers cards

–           Tracking of defaulters

–           Forwarding of defaulters names to service heads

  1. ii) Reference unit

–           Answering basic reference questions

–           In charge of reference collections

iii)        Stacks Management unit

–           Shelf arrangements

–           Shelving and shelf reading

–           Shelf labelling

  1. iv) Users education unit

–           Orientation and instruction in use of the library

–           Information retrieval skills for users

–           Bibliographic reference presentation skills

  1. v) Security unit

–           User surveillances

–           Security checks

–           Library general security



The serials service is charged with:

  1. Acquisition of serials (print and electronic) in collaboration with the

collection development and acquisition service;

  1. Accessioning and display of serials;
  2. Indexing and abstracting services;
  3. Online searches and downloads of serial publications
  4. Shelf management of serials stacks
  5. Other duties as assigned
  6. d) Library security service

The service shall ensure the security of the library buildings and grounds, library information resources in any type of media, library equipment and furniture, library staff and users.

The library security guards shall

  1. Be in charge of maintaining the security posts in the various library buildings at their assigned times.
  2. Be in charge of general surveillance in the library.
  3. Shall ensure that library buildings are secure at all times.
  4. Shall enforce the rules and regulations governing the library.
  5. Shall ensure that windows, doors are closed as well lights turned off at closing hours.
  6. Can be assigned other duties as the case may be.



Activities within the Reprography Division shall include but not be limited to Various types of reproductions – photocopies, photographs, digital images and their paper copies, the printing and binding of staff and student thesis, reports etc,