Finance service


Our vision is to ensure that the personnel of the Higher Technical Teacher Training College Bambili acquire the optimum financial satisfaction based on their work done, while hoping that our school would enjoy more financial independence in the long run.



To offer quality services and ensure clarity, transparency and satisfaction in our operations.



  • To provide quick services to our personnel,
  • To ensure fertile collaboration with other services in the financial chain of the university,
  • To ensure more speedy payment of bills,
  • To ensure proper and efficient management and handling of financial documents.



  • Verifies authenticity, certification, calculations and arrangement of suppliers’ bills
  • Makes commitments of all bills of the school;
  • Follows up emergency files when there are delays;
  • In collaboration with the Director, makes draft budget for the up-coming financial year;
  • Follows up the budget in the course of the year to ensure funds programmed for actually tally with committed expenditure;
  • Receives from the Accounting Officer, cash concerning specific disbursements and pays to beneficiaries;
  • Provides backing documents/justifications for all payments effected at his level and submits them to the Specialized Finance Controller;
  • Pays, where applicable, taxes for expenditure payments effected at his level;
  • Keeps copies of all bills committed or paid out;
  • Keeps copies of financial decisions granting specific allowances and exploits them when need be;

Participates in ensuring revenue collection by checking students’ fee receipts.