Deputy Director


To make HTTTC, through professionalization, a fulfilling component of the University of Bamenda and contribute efficiently in the emergence of the Cameroon Nation.



To support in every way possible, the Director of HTTTC and the Administration of the University as a whole, in deploying full gear in the take off of this school, by training competent and competitive secondary technical school teachers, while promoting technical research among the entire teaching staff.



Within the master plan of the University, build a functional and operational HTTTC that owns:

– appropriate and sufficient infrastructures (staff offices, lecture halls, laboratories workshops and a library) ;

– enough qualified and competent teaching staff;

– a support staff devoted to the well functioning of the school;

– enough material resources to ensure good governance of academics in particular.

Moreover, achieve high rates in graduations by sensitizing students to hard work and self discipline, as the real training cost, mainly supported by Government, is much too high compared to what is paid for tuition.



  • Assist the Director in every way possible in the running of the school which should not remain at any time whatsoever, without the Director or his Deputy, in charge.
  • Coordinate, animate, and supervise academic and pedagogical activities in all Divisions and Departments.
  • Stimulate teaching staff in creating income generating activities, in order to solve some of the numerous problems facing a newly created Institution for which State funds are never sufficient for its smooth running.
  • Preside over school meetings when the Director is on mission or absent from campus and give him full account when he returns, of what happened while he was away.
  • Write down text drafts governing the school for onward transmission to Hierarchy for signature.
  • Ensure that lecturers, support staff and students abide by rules governing the school and the entire university, so as to maintain discipline and achieve goals set up by administration.
  • Treat files with diligence and professionalism in the interest of the school and the University, as they are being assigned by Hierarchy.
  • During interim periods, represent the Director whenever the school is called upon by Hierarchy and prepare an interim report to be presented to him once he returns.
  • Prepare text drafts launching entrance examinations into HTTTC for onward transmission to Ierarchy.

Work hand in hand with him, in a spirit of sincere and true collaboration.