Academic Affairs



To engage in the holistic training of future technical school teachers for public and private institutions in Cameroon whose knowledge ends with practical skills.

Mission :

  • To promote academic excellence through logistical preparation and execution of examination regulations.
  • Ensure a collective and individual record follow up of every student- teacher.
  • To contribute in the collective development of the student- teacher by ensuring the rigorous surveillance of academic programs and teaching.
  • To judiciously safe keep academic record and make them available went need be.


The objectives of the Service are to serve as a liaison between the administration and the students in matters concerning: academics, records, examination, registration procedures and other student related problems.

Activities :

  • Manage students registration process.
  • Ensure the smooth follow up of examinations.
  • Produce school statistics.
  • Keep a careful filing system of student records electronically and manually.
  • Production of transcripts and related academic documents.
  • Authentification of all academic certificates issued by the school.
  • Manage academic problems face by students.
  • Assist the Directorate of Studies in the follow up of academic and teaching programs.

Interalia execute other functions deemed necessary by the Administration.