The Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTTC) Bambili of the University of Bamenda was created by decree N° 2010/372 of 14 December 2010 to erect the former Ecole Normale Supérieure Annex of Bambili (ENSAB) into two separate schools of the University of Bamenda.

However, to prepare the ground for transition, fields of studies in technical education were created,  then  opened earlier  at ENSAB  through  ministerial  order  N° 000009/MINESUP  of 27  March  2009  appointing Heads Of Department in ENSAB, while it was still part of the University of Yaoundé 1.

Located in Bambili, HTTTC of Bamenda is a professional school, training teachers for secondary technical education and directly opening to them a way into the public service on the one hands and training other professionals in vocational and technical disciplines, on the other hand. Admission is through a competitive entrance examination. Three academic divisions make up the school: the Division of Tertiary Techniques, the Division of Industrial Techniques and the Division of Continuing Education, Professional and Vocational programs, divided into nine (09) academic departments and one service department of Fundamental Sciences. Forty nine (49) options are   offered; teachers of technical secondary education are trained in three or five years in the specialties as outlined in the following departments

Department of Administrative Techniques: 1. Information Management and Communication (IMC), First and Second cycles; 2. Accountancy (ACY), First and Second cycles; 3. Marketing (MKG), First and Second cycles; 4. Management (MGT), First and Second cycles.

Department of Civil Engineering and Forestry Techniques: 1. Building and Public Works

(BPW), First cycle; 2.Topography (TOPO), first cycle; 3.Woodwork (WW), first cycle; 4.Public Works (PW), second cycle; 5.Building Construction (BC), Second cycle; 6.Agronomy (AGRO), Second cycle; 7. Plumbing (PLB), Second cycle.

Department of Computer Sciences:1. Fundamental Computer Sciences (FCS), First and Second cycles; 2.Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Second cycle.

Department of Electrical and Power Engineering: 1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACR), first and second cycles; 2. Electronics (EN), first and second cycles; 3.Electrotechnics (ET), first and second cycles.

Department of LAW: 1. Law, First and Second cycles.

Department of Mechanical Engineering: 1. Automobile Mechanics (AM), First and Second cycles; 2. Mechanical Design (MD), First and Second cycles; 3. Mechanical Manufacturing

(MM), First and Second cycles; 4.Automobile Body Work and Coating (ABC), First and Second cycles; 5.Welding and Metallic Construction (WMC), First and Second cycles.

Department of Sciences of Education: 1. Guidance and Counselling, 2. Science of Education Second cycle.

Department of Social Economics and Family Management: 1. Home Economics (HE), First and Second cycles; 2. Fashion Clothing and Textile (FCT), First and Second cycles; 3. Food Technology, First and Second cycles.

Prof Daniel A. Akume


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